Live SEO Training

Search engines optimization in short word SEO is so important term without you can not expand your online business quickly without it. It is most important word in the new information technology era. As many know SEO is a process of optimisation of website pages according to the algorithm set to index pages by big search engines i.e Google, yahoo, bing, Alexa many more. There are many points we can discuss how to optimisation of web pages ? As first what should be the size (in kb) of a webpage. Second what sorts of meta tags should be there during coding of pages, what instructions should be given to search engines as what should be index and what should not be, which folders of site should be allow to index, When next webpages should be re indexed. These all instruction can be given in sequence in a file in root directory of website named as robots.txt , The Second point which is related to what size of images size should be used in webpage.

Basically search engine optimization is like a teacher teach his student how to solve a quotation paper in final exam to get top position in university or any board, he give instructions how much time to be gives to a particular question, what should keep in mind when you are solving this sort of question. In this way there are some parameters set by every Search engine for websites pages ti index and display, one should keep in mind what search engines required what formulas set to display best search results. In short word Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. Now there are three type of SEO white hat seo, black hat seo and gray hat seo. you can choose what sort of seo you required. the difference among three is as white hat seo is an organic form where natural growth (popularity) of website make website popular on daily basis i.e do some links building, directory submission, make some Facebook like. some article submission, search engines submission etc. On the other side black hat seo is process where your site can be banned. In this process do bating as you like you may be caught behind, catch out at sili point or may be bowled out. The third one is Gray Hat SEO in this process play according to the situation keeping in mind the limitation of search engines. Search Engine Marketing SEM is targeted and paid listings where particular type or category addressed to buy and sell. In general if your web pages has higher ranking and display in top 10 search results you will get more visitors and visitors will be converted into customers. SEO may target different kinds of search, including keyword search, products search, Service search, image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search etc.

We here is a SEO company based in ( Chandigarh ) India has team not only expert but also having many years of Internet Marketing Experience who are well aware of all ongoing latest tech and trends in the field of internet marketing. We our customize pack according to our client’s business requirements and goals. Our professional internet marketing team is expertise in acquisition of affordable and results oriented online marketing campaigns. If you are looking for expansion of your business i.e products, services etc. through web promotion select online marketing strategy which will give you huge return.

We also provides live seo training for all those personals who want to adopt seo as their full time Job, as SEO is a very growth oriented profession full of creativity and innovations.  We will guide you how to use tools and techniques of SEO in details. Our aim is to provide best SEO training at economical fee in a short span of time.

We will provide you online training and while under training you will also get chance to work on live projects. We have range of clients so working on live projects will also provide you experience while you are getting trained. We teach you how to use SEO tools and techniques to get more results. Our live SEO training will help you earn good earning.